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I'm Sorry [20 May 2006|01:14am]

I feel horrible that this community has pretty much died. If any of you are still interested in Roleplaying I know of a couple that are staying very active during the summer break and need some more characters.
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Welcome [05 Feb 2006|12:10am]


Welcome to tree_hill_high! A community for fans of One Tree Hill who are interested in playing one of their favorite characters. The following is a list of characters who are availible. If you are want to play please read the rules and then comment in THIS entry.

Nathan Scott

Lucas Scott

Peyton Sawyer

Brooke Davis


Marvin “Mouth” Mcfadden

Karen Roe

Keith Scott

Jake Jagielski

Mayor Dan Scott

Coach Whitey

Deb Scott

Tim Smith

Taylor James

Chris Keller



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Rules [04 Feb 2006|09:55pm]


                                                                       The Rules

  • The mosts important rule is that you update your character's journal at least once a week.  This should be easy seeing as the show is on once a week.  The community is no fun when character's fail to update and we all want this to be a fun and very active community.
  • Create a username/journal that pertains to your character (ex. for Haley username: Tutorwife, haleyjscott hales ect.)  This journal is specifically for your character and should look like one that they would keep.  Please keep them friends only entries as well and leave on public so other characters may leave you a note so you can add them.
  • Keep the main storyline from the show, but you can branch off and make their character your own.  Just don't get too crazy. 
  • Stay informed on what's happening on the show and with other characters through their journal and/or talk to them on AIM. 
  • Have fun and promote where ever you feel is right.
  • Now if you still want to join please leave a comment in the following post labeled Welcome and fill out the following application

Desired Character:
AIM screenname for character:
LJ username for character:
Will you be able to update at least once a week?
Why do you want to join this community?

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